Any product that we sell can be customized! You can pick any color, style, beads, crystals, or charms, and your product can be custom made just for you!

If you would like an order customized, or would like an item that is out of stock, write to us under the “Contact” tab and include in your message:

  • The type of product you would like customized
  • The color of beads/crystals that you would like
  • The charm type you would like (if applicable)
  • When you need the product by

If you would like any charms, beads, or crystals that we do not have in stock, I can look online/in-store for the item that you are looking for to make your custom product perfect!**

If you would like a specific item that is not in stock to be added to your custom product, additional processing and shipping time may be required.

**A small additional charge may be added for the purchase of items not already in stock.

Customization Reviews

customer review
"I ordered these window ornaments for the seniors at the Home Depot that I work at. They are great and were done within a few days of ordering. Emma does quality work and puts a lot of love in everything she makes. Highly recommend checking out her products." -Peggy L.
customer review
"Beautifully crafted! I couldn't resist and ended up ordering a second window ornament. Very flexible and helped me get exactly what I was looking for! I couldn't be happier!" -Jade L.
Customer Review
"I love my new window ornament! It was custom made exactly to my liking and both the crystals and charm are beautiful!" -Barbara B.